Kolkata 2016 in pictures 

It was 2010 in Kolkata and I didn’t know what to make of this city- which is capable of changing, and yet remains the same. People are peace-loving, approachable and love a good chat on politics. Infra has improved. Flip side is – pollution is up and cleanliness needs to be high on the agenda here. Yellow cabs, hand-pulled rickshaws and trams are still around. I had to make my customary trip to KC Das- a famous sweet shop on Esplanade crossing.

Science City needs an overhaul. This meseum and exhibition ground has so much potential but has now been reduced to a selfie-zone for picnickers. Hope to see some change there in my next trip to a great city.

Street food is the best thing here. Avoid hotel food as much as possible. Be out there savoring the works of geniuses on carts and roadsides. Enjoy rummaging through second-hand books stacked on narrow footpaths.

It’s a quaint city to get away from everything, yet being in a city.

Mode of transport remains the same.

The life is on the streets. You can enjoy a walk with so much going on with yellow cabs, red cop cars and a city painted in blue – a show of power by the ruling party!

If you are making a trip to Kolkata, just enjoy yourself and don’t think too much about what local residents complain about.