Rock Garden, Chandigarh 2017

A wedding in the family took us to Chandigarh. Serendipity brought us to Rock Garden. Tickets are for Rs 30 and in case you missed your morning workout, the artificial terrain is good for a December afternoon.

This little paradise made from urban waste was created by Nek Chand – a government employee in the roads department during the 50s. Though this is my second visit here, I noticed new things. Apparently everyone who visits observes something different. Sculptures and surfaces of labyrinths are made out of discarded bangles, sockets, ceramics, tiles, malba (broken concrete), cement sacks, stones and pottery. If you are visiting Chandigarh, you must keep aside two hours for this getaway in the city. Its a quite and serene place. What really spoils the experience is the selfie-obsessed crowd, so do try to be here early in the morning.
Nek Chand’s creativity is amazing even today. We say the creative space has exploded today so this must have been an insane challenge back then. Imagine convincing the bureaucracy with your artistic fancy. For one man to have this vision, fight against all odds and realize his dream is nothing short of inspiring. Do make it a point to walk into the museum which displays all the awards and photos covering New Chand’s life. There’s a section that showcases dolls made from discarded clothes. We had had our fill of visual textures! Towards the far end of the park there is a place of swings. I had to try this out. Its a surreal place and a must-visit for designers, environmentalists, innovators, entrepreneurs, photographers and children. Be inspired as early as you can.

Once you see things like this, you wonder what stops you from doing things you wanted to. It takes time and effort, but things are achievable if you stick to your goals. Rock Garden will tell you that you can make anything out of nothing, and nothing comes easy.