iPhone X and other thoughts 

We are in the end of September and everyone is already talking about buying the iPhone X. This phone is expensive in India; it costs almost one third more than the Dollar to Rupee converted retail price as on Apple’s website- USD 1000 is INR 64000 now. The phone will cost INR 89,000 in india. Despite that, young working folks are already dissing the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for what it doesn’t have, and that they have two paychecks to save and plan for the installments needed to pick up an iPhone X.

Personally, I would wait and see what the device will do for my work. How exactly will the new AR and VR features augment my work? How will the notch be immersive with browsing, video and other full screen apps?

But gut feel says NOT to buy the iPhone X. Wait it out till February to see what develops.