2014 movies – a buffet with incredible range

Bird Man. Whiplash. The Grand Budapest Hotel. Boyhood. Fury. The interview. American Sniper. The imitation game. Maleficent. Guardians of the Galaxy. Gone Girl. Interstellar. The Theory of Everything. The Hobbit – battle of the five armies. If these films were food, you would be standing flabbergasted in front of a buffet not knowing where to start.

What a lineup! The stories and treatment of these films are nothing alike. Bird man looks like it’s all been shot in one take, Whiplash and Gone Girl show the competitive villains that protagonists be, Wes Anderson’s signature obsession with alignment and symmetry hold together the very graphical Grand Budapest Hotel. 12 years in a person’s life on film is a surreal watch in Boyhood (Richard Linklater has always been one of my favorite film makers since Waking Life). Spectacular visual effects of Maleficent and Guardians of the Galaxy should land them in collections or some all-time list. Fury and American Sniper take us through the effect of war on the strongest of men made for gruesome work.

I am obsessed with movies and watch everything I can but this year is exceptional in terms of range – from low budget films with creative style and big budget films with great characters. Great writing can never be undermined. Whiplash had one line to offer that should stay with me for life. ‘The most dangerous two words ever are – ‘Good job’.’ You may wince at that but you should watch the film to get the context.

The Oscars this time should be interesting. There’s a lot of noise about a lack of diversity in the nominations for the awards, but the range in the films of 2014 should make up for it.