Digital painting

photoshop painting, photoshop, Wacom tablet
photoshop painting, photoshop, Wacom tablet

Had this thing on my mind all day wondering what it would be like if I pulled out my Wacom Pro tablet, hooked it up to my beloved Macbook Pro, fired up Photoshop and painting some with no sense of purpose whatsoever. Just.. paint. Well this is what we get when one gets around to doing exactly what is on one’s mind.

This is obviously a layered painting so its not as on-the-spot as it looks like. But the strokes are extempore. The effort to redo, undo, delete are at a minimum. You let the strokes be. You be true to yourself and let those strokes be.


Morris Minor sunshine day!

morris minor ilustrated morris-minor-before

Spotted a Morris Minor at a petrol pump in Gurgaon. Such an old car sitting there in a bright green and black do-up gives you hope for a new day, no matter how bad things get. Decided to bring my state of mind out in this illustration.