Comic Con Delhi, 2017

Comic Con Delhi has sadly gone mainstream. The reception this year was like that of the annual Trade Fair in Pragati Maidaan- overcrowded, unmanageable and suffocating. I’m happy in a sad sort of a way that Comic Con Delhi has come a long way from the very first one at Dili Haat in 2011. This year it took us an hour to get into the parking from the service lane outside, plus another 30 minutes to get our tickets. Though we enjoyed our pilgrimage as usual, there was very little space to move around without knocking into people all the time. Though this started as a convention for comics nerds, there were large families here this time. At this rate, NSIC ground in Okhla may not be able to handle this event next year.
There’s the usual good stuff though- superhero T-shirts, action figures, really nice merch and ofcourse the cosplay. Very enthusiastic young people worked really hard on their costumes and the effort put in this year was commendable. Though The Joker is a regular favorite, fans recreated this loveable villain in new ways and yet continue to be faithful to the character as shown in the movies.
These awesome nerds deserve more space around them!


Comic Con Delhi 2015

This is probably my Disneyland. That one time of the year that I can become a kid all over again and play the fool in full view. 

This is my fourth attendance here in Delhi since it started in 2011 and it has grown so much. Cosplay is getting much more detailed and the effort youngsters put into their costumes is heartening to watch. 

Then there are the spoils- random stuff we buy with no regard to the month’s budget. A Jim Lee Batman collectible, 6 tshirts, Avenger flip-flops, a Hulk key ring… It’s amazing how the practical mind completely stops functioning at Comic Con.

  Looking forward to a bigger event next year. 
Cosplay is getting serious with more detailing.