Satish will find a way through what he’s going through… makes me wonder how I’d handle things if I were in his situation. Guy’s an iconoclast alright… to the hilt!


Blogging is fun. Didn’t know I had so much in my head for just one day! Am wearing a purple shirt my colleagues gifted me, love it! The colors one wears affects how you feel and think. Like I’m very confident about the day in black. I feel like the devil himself and that makes me kind of feel protected from the worst sonofa I’ll meet. White does the reverse. Red makes me feel like, get the f#%@ out of ma way babe, I’m full of myself today… Blue makes me feel like… neutral actually, nothing much, same for greys. I gave all me birthday roses to colleagues, now that felt good for some reason I can’t figure yet…

Climbing that glacier has changed something. Suddenly, yes suddenly, I fear a lot less. Women don’t give me that doubtful state of mind anymore. I am what I am. Money, don’t care if I don’t have enough, it never is anyways and am not spending my life worrying over my balance. My family matters more now. Is it the Glacier or hitting 30? I’ll never know. Guess this just had to happen. Anand Hirvey, this trek has done some good, in very intangible terms and love ya for planning this out. That reminds me, Gotto give Kamal the negs.

Developed more snaps from Devinder’s rolls. Lots of good pics actually. The cam does make a difference, what you see through the lens, how you perceive it when it develops, the whole drama is captivating. Can I blow 17k on the Canon SLR I saw the ads of recently? Let’s see. gotto do it before hit Jaisalmer and Calcutta.

Aging is actually just a state of mind. What you hear from people can get you down if you think too much about it. Dammit, live the moment instead of bugging yourself about what hasn’t happened yet. At an age when people buy diapers for their babies and sarees for their wives, I’m shopping for Nikes! What the hell, life is good!

Totally quit smoking; even that one cigi after lunch and have gotton back to my pushups. Hope I can keep this up. Am really looking forward to the abs I visualised before we took off for this trek

Am alone at home again and gotto remember to feed the dogs and their medication.

turned 30 yesterday… got what I expected… 30 plus jokes and digs from my closest friends (pricks are still in their 20s) like… “So, is the cake on fire?”… “Buddhe”… well yes, there’s so much heat from the candles, the fire engine is parked outside just in case…it’s so hot, the ice caps are melting… the guests are all wearing fireproof… and yes, I can feel the age creeping in… HOLY KA MOLY I’M 30…