Write now!

Here I am trying to write
something nice, satisfying, fulfilling
But the mind draws a blank
The masters advise- Write now! There is no particular time
No stars will align, nor an auspicious moment
No bells will ring

Write. Now.
So I scribble and tap hard
The words align and I struggle for inspiration
Do those last confounding words have to rhyme? Irrelevant.
Write now.

The mind and heart must work
with memory and imagination
cook, spin, concoct, stir
churn rubbish, gold, slur, gems
hustle till in arrives, shines, glows, rises.

Staring at books I couldn’t read
A desperate resolve to learn spikes
Looking for words that work
Some work. Some resist.
Work the words
Wondering now if I can write. Try.

A distraction pings
Resisting hard
A task at hand
Like a baby’s grip
says ‘Write now’

But I am not trained to.
My profession is the graphic kind
But if a larger thought has to… become,
Then it must be shared with others
To collaborate with
So it can see the light and might
Of day

Nothing stays. All thoughts are butterflies
Flitting from shoulder to eyebrow
of all thinkers.
So write now
else its all a daze
And we are just dreamers who take instructions…
From those who write now.


In the best interest for the idea

Block the world out,
Break a rule, flout
Go rummaging for that book
Read a page without context
Sleep, dream, forget it
Chat without a hook

Nurse a drink slowly
really ~ slow ~ down
Scribble about nothing
Feel grass between your toes
Slowly as it goes
super | slow

Everyone is rushing for nothing
So nothing to lose
\ Pace \ down \
A clown in a corner entertains
For? for nothing
Quite • comfort

Close your eyes hard
Now open, and wish for nothing
New things will come

Go for blank.

Stare : pointlessly
At the blue of a clear sky, the green of a new leaf, red of wine, a dog sleeping
Make your own story
Without ~ glory
In the best interest for the idea

Pink sky

Pink sky. Does it exist?
Do get out more, put it on your list.

Hit the highway. Stop. Look up at the big blue.
No, it is not violet enough. Keep going.
Slow down.
What do you hear?
Cattle in the fields or battle in your deals?

Keep rolling.
Lessen the possessions. Let go.
Stop. Reverse.
…to where people are sitting together, wherever
Watch them converse.
Laughing, joking, living. Keep driving.

Is the most beautiful thing the earth? River and trees?
Ok now, we are getting somewhere… Jeez!
Ask for directions. Not because you need directions.
Just look at faces and a trace of humanity surfaces.
Talk. Wait till that battery drains. Put it away.
Talk a little more, with someone.
Lie down on the grass, rock or sand.
Think of nothing but the moment at hand.
The sky should tell you what you missed. You should be pissed.
Stare at the stars, think of Mars. Not the scars, but moments of ours.
Pink sky. Up there.

A man and a car

a man is a car
wined dined and drunk
fired up and smoked out
hold. retain.
together now, alone.
my head spins, not talking now,
I’m blanked out, something turns you on
kiss. sparks off a light that kicks the life into me
hard kiss, gets the pistons all fired up

verbiose, about how I feel
with all the ability of speech in me
out it comes, like a poet I never was
a piano that never had the keys
a bird that never knew it could sing

A butterfly in a rainbow soaks the violet hue

A butterfly in a rainbow soaks the violet hue
Sun lit the greens and grass holds the due.
‘Serve up the cookies with jam and tea’
Said a rude rabbit hyper-actively.
‘We’ve waited a while for a beautiful day’
The horses neighed, all ready to play.
It was time for music and naturally,
Birds of paradise hummed whimsically,
‘Summon the flowers for a symphony
We’ll add the rhythm and harmony.’
Chameleons and snails took their time,
On a day like this, to hurry was a crime.
The caterpillar volunteered emphatically…
he took the dahlias to drum the leaves.
Its hollow stems made pretty good flutes,
The owls added with regular hoots,
Calla lilies made excellent trumpets,
thought the toads with bulbous throats.
The wicked cricket was watching this all,
Liked ruining parties; it was his call.
He landed in the midst with his Oleander helicopter,
‘All happy and celebrations and jubilations and songs,
Won’t last the day with ever-changing weather.’
In chorus, the ladybirds had to retort,
‘Go away you blasted spoilsport.’
They were backed by the flighty sparrow-
‘Nothing lasts forever we know.’
Hurricane tomorrow or rain or snow,
The earth has changed in a small duration,
We are these life forms on a similar probation!

love love love

You need it, I have loads to give.
love love love.
Can I sustain it? I might run dry.
But you keep it alive.
you are a deer in a forest
somewhere- on the other side of the world
I am a butterfly- flit float
so be it.

Tried my hand at cooking a subzi last week. Tossed in too much salt so ended up putting a lot of water to dilute the extra salt. Ended up putting so much water that it has to be drained out into 2 glasses. Ended up with the best vegetable soup I ever accidentally created. Goes well with lemon.
capsicum, onion, patato, garlic, carrot, 3 tamatoes, tadka and of course, way more salt than required.

The gluttony trip to Old Delhi with Ashish and Puneet was unforgettable. I fail to understand how we ate all that in a few hours. Good Ol‘ D rocks with food. Here goes what we downed very quickly. This is for reference, later when required-
1. Beer 2. Chicken Boti kababs 3. Beef Seekh Kababs (cycle market)4. Mutton Burra kabab (Karims) 5. Mutton Jehangiri Qorma with Roomali Roti and tandoori naan (Karims) 6. Kheer 7. Rabri Faluda from Darya ganj (Golcha) 8. Paan from Prince (Darya ganj)
Sinner, hit the floor and give me a hundred, right now.

Have started making origami birds- my meditation. That led to a whole lot of experimentation at work on pop up paper works. This should open something up.

Xavierians of ’91

met my class mates at the school reunion after 16 years. I could cry just thinking about the way we were back then- scampering through the corridors all through our formative years. Apart from the paunch, mustaches and showing scalp, we’re still the same. Here’s to last night-

ride the time machine with me
we were the loud wilder lot
and still are- jeez what a racket we made
and we made each other back then

we swapped cards, talked shop
or just recalled ourselves

its like having found
pieces of ourselves
take my best wishes
give me that smile
it takes me to higher ground

you are a part of me
that floats away, but never broken away
let our hearts meet, hold me tight
Now get out there and shine

I’m listening to ‘Everything’ by Michael Buble here. When the chorus plays, I’m thinking of the Xavierians of ’91.