#Drawdinovember inspires

… to create the most useless project ever. I should be drawing everyday. Anything. Since the #DrawDinovember challenge floated this challenge to artists on instagram, I figured this could make me do something never attempted before. Drew one dinosaur for every day of the month through November and December. By the time it was over, there was this collection of 30 drawings. So here’s an infographic on 30 dinosaurs in chronological order- all hand-drawn.

Dinosaur infographic



Comics and frames

We grew up on comics like its the only literature we ever needed. Once in a while, we did wish we created those characters that are now part of our minds like snail goo trailing all over a wall.Here’s putting together a collection of random comic frames done in the last few years.













Moleskine Jump!

After hearing much about Moleskine notebooks I picked up one to see what the fuss was all about; got thmoleskine 1e one without lines. The paper is high quality and it has this premium feel on it. Decided to treat it further digitally. Took a shot of handmade paper from another sketchbook and separated the layers on Photoshop. What we have here is a corrugated paper look like its drawn on packaging cardboard, and a desperate dude trying to get away from the surface he’s been getting comfortable on for quite a while.

Android sketchability

Can’t ignore Android devices spewing out from the sewers these days. I tend to instantly download Sketchbook Pro or use the scribble software to see the screen response to drawing strokes. Have to tip my hat to iPhone here. The screen on Apple devices is far from sensitive than the Samsung screens. Anyway here are some random scribbles done on a Samsung Galaxy Grand.
Evil kid
Time to go, sport.
Warrior, prepare.