Write now!

Here I am trying to write
something nice, satisfying, fulfilling
But the mind draws a blank
The masters advise- Write now! There is no particular time
No stars will align, nor an auspicious moment
No bells will ring

Write. Now.
So I scribble and tap hard
The words align and I struggle for inspiration
Do those last confounding words have to rhyme? Irrelevant.
Write now.

The mind and heart must work
with memory and imagination
cook, spin, concoct, stir
churn rubbish, gold, slur, gems
hustle till in arrives, shines, glows, rises.

Staring at books I couldn’t read
A desperate resolve to learn spikes
Looking for words that work
Some work. Some resist.
Work the words
Wondering now if I can write. Try.

A distraction pings
Resisting hard
A task at hand
Like a baby’s grip
says ‘Write now’

But I am not trained to.
My profession is the graphic kind
But if a larger thought has to… become,
Then it must be shared with others
To collaborate with
So it can see the light and might
Of day

Nothing stays. All thoughts are butterflies
Flitting from shoulder to eyebrow
of all thinkers.
So write now
else its all a daze
And we are just dreamers who take instructions…
From those who write now.


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