The Copywriter’s handbook : Robert W. Bly

Though published first in 1985 for print and TV content, this book has relevant gems that work for social media; and as long as you are communicating with a human on the other side, the basics of copywriting don’t change and can still be referred to from this bible. Some all-time great takeaways:

the copywriters handbookYour copy must: get attention, communicate, persuade.
Photography and copy must work together.
Internet has not changed human nature.
Consumers today more skeptical and better educated, have shorter attention span.
Receive more communication than ever.
Any visual has only 5 seconds to grab attention.
1st impression means success or failure.
Headline is most important, appeals to people’s self interest.
Answer the Q: whats in it for me?
Select the audience, generate reaction, avoid negatives, use brand name.
Make a list of words that relate to the product.
Keep it simple and straightforward.
Make a complete statement with the headline.
Use more facts. Communicate with people, not try to impress them.
Avoid vague copy.
Write in a friendly, conversational tone.
Empathise with the customer.
BFD formula: Beliefs – what does your audience believe? Feelings – How do they feel? Desire – what do they want?
Positioning: compliment features and benefits.
People like looking at pictures of people.
Make the brochure worth keeping.
Write snappy headlines, provocative questions, add a strong benefit, header should sell itself, go beyond obvious facts.
Headline should tell the story.
Excessive verbiage is a put-off.
Every speech should have . clear minded purpose.
Do not bore the audience.
First 4 seconds are like headlines.
Use supers. Think about your customer.
Repeat the product name twice. Avoid stagnant shots.
Relate your content to current or relevant news.
Readers love what they can use right away.
Give actionables: like useful ‘how to’ tips.
Are people having fun working?
Advertising is a serius business.
Your ideas should sell and market the firm’s product.
Be sharp. Be on time. Look professional. Bring work samples. Listen. Let the interviewer do the talking. Be aggressive. Dont be sorry.
Simple layouts are the best.
My copy has all the best takeaways on postits. This piece is a treasure for life.



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