The Culture Code – by Daniel Coyle

the culture code‘Culture has Strategy for breakfast.’

This well said quote is best enforced with great examples in this book. Cultures of winning teams in companies observed over atleast a decade prove that a great internal culture can make for a great place to work where constant communication and collaboration shows results. Constant communication with team members beats highly qualified folks working in silos. The book is very inspiring and learnings can be put to use immediately if you are leading a team or just working with a team where many skills come together.

You don’t have to be individually excellent, just collaborate with more instances of  interaction which is more important for improving a product and reducing errors. Examples are from basketball teams, the army, movie companies and startups.

You also don’t have to be a maverick – an ever misunderstood catalyst. Just be the guy who connects talent together which makes great things happen. Also, an office or any workplace can be designed for better interaction, eye contact and communication between team members. The more the random connections, the higher the chance of generating ideas. Though tech – chat and email can aid communication, not everything can be typed.

Another important takeaway for the leader is to make himself vulnerable to the team. No matter how much a leader knows, its advisable for one to ask others for ideas and expose his own weakness. The point is to create a ‘safe’ zone for other team members to be able to come out and contribute.

I managed to get my hands on this book in a few months after it was published. The review suggests that it be read immediately. True. My copy has notes and postit notes where ever there is an insight. I also hold less higher the idea of the ‘A’ team where only a group of highly placed qualified individuals can achieve greatness. The ‘B’ team has all the potential to do bigger things by simply staying better connected.

More takeaways – Embrace fun, highlight positive behaviour, overdo the ThankYou’s. High candor feedback, uncomfortable truth telling and face to face interactions are a must. Its about collective


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