Technicolor swim

illustration with Camlin #brush pens.



One light year space junkie

Normally each doodle takes no more than a few hours to finish. But this guy took almost a year. Don’t know why. That light year space junkie blasting off in full glory.


Most beautiful

The most beautiful thing I ever saw
Was a person doing something…
For no rhyme nor reason
Not chasing a bag of coins
It was not a job
Nor running against a clock
Not a favour
Without compulsion
Nothing to prove to anyone, will you believe
Lacked purpose
Or the desire to impress
It was simply because it had to be done
From the heart
No explanations
No statements
No agenda
No resolution
No promise
No deadline
It was done just because
The mind, hands and heart
Together willed…
For the love of it
And only for the sheer love of it
The insanity that made it
Cannot be explained
It was the most beautiful.

Moleskine Jump!

After hearing much about Moleskine notebooks I picked up one to see what the fuss was all about; got thmoleskine 1e one without lines. The paper is high quality and it has this premium feel on it. Decided to treat it further digitally. Took a shot of handmade paper from another sketchbook and separated the layers on Photoshop. What we have here is a corrugated paper look like its drawn on packaging cardboard, and a desperate dude trying to get away from the surface he’s been getting comfortable on for quite a while.