Leave home, baby.

Why must we travel and see the earth well beyond our needs? what good comes from pain endured, hard-earned money spent on fleeting moments we cannot take back? Who else other than the traveller remembers or cares about moments on expeditions and pointless walks through a forest? When will the wanderer be at peace? Where is that spot of calm that we set out for, with that organised backpack? what satisfaction exactly is derived from a visual captured on a device to take back as memories? For all the W questions we ask in retrospect, the answer is another set of Ws- We would Wishfully Wander where whereabouts whisk to world’s wonders.

So set forth my neighbour, you, of this beautiful planet of a fragile, perishable ecosystem, and explore pointlessly with no agenda. You will find the answers to a lot of things that bother sometimes. How important were they, really? I take inspiration from a Satyajit Ray piece called Pather Panchali. One translated dialogue meant ‘Staying in one place too long makes you mean.’

So leave behind those irrelevant little nothings that mean so little, especially when you see a picture of this planet from outer space. Why do we hang on to things in this life of .16 seconds? Thank you- Carl Sagan, for putting things in perspective.

Dwell not further on pointless posts such as this- concocted in a state of restlessness, itching feet for the next trip to a landscape unseen. Explore, and inspire me.


Kerala 2010

For all the crib of a lack of Industry in Kerala, if there were, would it be God’s own then? A naturally rich state is on the brink of losing its treasure- the flora and fauna we take for granted. From Thekkady to my back yard- this is the heaven that has become a memory in other, so called ‘developed’ areas. A glimpse at the Pandora that still is.

Kerala 2010