Although this wasn’t really the best time of the year for Bharatpur, it had to be done. This one one of the plans you make with friends but fizzles for sundry reasons. ”Wha… Were we serious?” Make and break one plan and the rest also go this way. So we had to drive out.

No thanks to weekend work that needed wrapping up, we left Delhi at 5pm in two cars. Reached Bharatpur at 11pm. Now the quality of roads were way better than what I had imagined, so hats off to Rajasthan administration. We stayed at sunbird hotel, 100 metres before the sanctuary entrance. Woke up early in the morning at 6 am and loaded up our cameras with the required lenses. We didn’t really get to see the flock of migrating birds we thought we would, like painted storks. So the ‘micro life’ took focus. Came back in the afternoon. Here’s another unplanned trip in pictures.


2 thoughts on “Bharatpur

  1. enjoyed reading on yr trips to Ladakh, Kolkata and Bharatpur. Always wanted to visit Kolkata & Ladakh..after reading your posts cannot wait any longer.
    You have captured some interesting images by the way.

    -a random stranger


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